Age ain’t nothin’ but a number? You are only as young as you feel? When it comes to pediatric abdominal surgical disease is timing really is everything? Hopefully, you enjoy the rule of six (credit to Dr. Dave Nelson for this) as a framework for the common presentation of abdominal surgical disease in the pediatric patient.

Pediatric Abdominal Surgical Disease: The Rule of 6

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Pediatric DKA: Going Beyond Fluids, Insulin and Admit to PICU

New episode from Dr Ravera and PEMGEMS.

“Making the diagnosis of DKA takes about 30 seconds. But before we open up the order set, check some boxes, and send the kid upstairs, let’s think about how we can fine-tune our care. What complications do we need to look out for and how can we manage them? “


“Pediatric patients presenting with prolonged fever and laboratory signs of inflammation have a broad differential. In addition to the standards, such as viral illness and bacterial infection, we need to consider the inflammatory states of KD, TSS, and the emerging MIS-C. Join us on this journey through the fire and we review these three conditions in a podcast that accompanies a blog post for”

Flame On! The Hot Mess that is Kawasaki Disease, Toxic Shock Syndrome, and Multi-Inflammatory Syndrome of Children

Check out episode 6 of PEMGEMS recently released by Dr Joe Ravera!


Bad Puns and Pre(Pee)-Test Probabilities

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“To people who know me, it will come as no surprise that I love statistics and bad puns. So have fun streaming this e-piss-ode as we learn about whom to test, how to test, and what to do with the result. We also reveal a PEM GEMS exclusive: Ravera’s Spectrum, the Joe Ravera approach to the diagnosis of pediatric UTI. Hopefully you find this to be liquid gold!”


Status Epilepticus: The Chess Game of the Emergency Department

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“The radio call comes in: a 3 year old who is actively seizing. Time to get the board set up and play. In this episode we strive to be more than just algorithm readers; we want to be a status epilepticus grandmaster. Let’s learn to think moves ahead and make calculated sacrifices as we try to checkmate a child’s seizure.”